Tank Turret – 2020 – English Version

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Tank Turret – 2020 – English Version
Midgård Records | MCD

Hier geht es zur deutschsprachigen Version: Hier Klicken!

First sign of life of the British band Tank Turret, which consists of experienced musicians. In the form of this mini disc, the trio serves us six powerful songs in the finest rock style, brisk and melodic. Despite its quite powerful sound, the mini-record “2020” has a rosy raw tone, which can be wonderfully assigned to the nineties of British RAC music.

Three of the six songs on this MCD are original compositions, the other three titles are cover versions by no less a band than Skrewdriver. The older gentlemen of Tank Turret are no beginners, that the musicians know their craft and are no inexperienced guests in the patriotic rock business should be clear after the first notes. Lyrically the whole thing is quite sociocritical, personal and angry at the same time. Also with the lyrical structures, you can hear the musicians say that they have long since outgrown the pubescent and above all clumsy phrasing. With the cover version of “I Don’t Like You” you give musical slaps in the face, simply played horny and garnished with your own note. I just love this number.

The production from Midgård Records leaves nothing to be desired for an MCD, acoustically the work is well mixed. As already written, this minidisc has a snotty raw tone which is wanted. This gives the work a certain charm and conveys the spirit of British political rock of old. Optically the piece is quite well designed. It all looks a bit comic-heavy, the three texts of the original composition are printed in a small booklet. Furthermore, the MCD comes with a glossy sticker.

If you want to listen to the island’s lively and melodic rock, you should make a note of Tank Turret’s MCD “2020” or order it directly. The only point of criticism here is the playing time, the silver disc is over much too fast. I sincerely hope that the gentlemen of Tank Turret are working on a full disc, for my taste it should have been six songs more. Nice production from the Swedish comrades from Midgård Records, so it can go on this year calmly. Friends of the British Oi!, Punk and Politrock Mucke get their money’s worth, this is a really nice silver disc!

Track list:
01. Tank Turret
02. Can’t Stop This Hate
03. Blood
04. Street Fight *
05. I Don’t Like You *
06. What I Want *

* originally from Skrewdriver

audio sample – Tank Turret – Can’t Stop This Hate:


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