Whitelaw – Echoes from the Past (The Blackshirt Edition) – English Version

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Whitelaw – Echoes from the Past (The Blackshirt Edition) – English Version
Midgård Records | CD

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Formed at the end of the nineties in England and after over twenty years still not quiet, Whitelaw. The English Skins are back after almost four years with a new album, leaving nothing to be desired. With “Echoes from the Past” Benny and his comrades serve us a well thought out and great arranged listening pleasure of the top class.

Without doubt, Whitelaw can be counted among the most active representatives of the British right rock scene and also one of the most professional bands on the island. Seven albums characterize the band’s discography, and “Echoes from the Past” not only continues the band’s great predecessor, but also takes itself to the next level. Whitelaw also play a wonderful, melodic RAC on their new full disc, which is convincing all along the line. Absolutely professional and playful are the twelve songs of the new full disc, sometimes a little bit faster and harder, sometimes a little bit slower and more melodic, the skins are not stingy for variety and last but not least it is the always brilliant, partly sharply rocking and then again extremely fine and melodic guitar solos, which give the songs the certain something. The lyrics of this album also cover different themes. Whether it is the well-deserved, musical handcuff in the food of the Reds, the devotion to the skinhead cult or even difficult political issues such as the great exchange or the unity of white Europe, this and much more is wonderfully processed. “Echoes from the Past” is after a long time once again a real musical treat from the island, well thought-out lyrics, highly professional music and of course a more than successful performance of Benny Whitelaw on the mic. Whitelaw in top form.

Midgård Records has not let itself be sloppy and stands for flawless label work. At the latest with the equally successful album “Valkyrie”, Whitelaw always have a concept in their graphic designs of the sacred works. In this case everything is under the sign of Sir Oswald Mosley, this man was the founder of the 1932, fascist party British Union of Fascists. As uniform uniform Mosley introduced the so-called Blackshirts. Now the Federal Review Board can breathe a sigh of relief and sit back and relax. These Blackshirts have nothing to do with a forbidden weapon in German history and do not glorify it on this sound carrier. There is a regular version of the “Echoes from the Past” album and a special “The Blackshirt Edition”, to what extent it is limited, is currently unknown. The difference between the two editions lies not only in the design but also in the packaging and content. The “The Blackshirt Edition” comes with an alternative design and in a DVD Slim Case. Both editions have a booklet that of course has all the texts printed on it. The Blackshirt Edition” offers hunters and collectors one or four good reasons for a purchase. Besides an audio track with an interview with Benny Whitelaw, there are 4 demo songs. Here, as already written, the hunters and collectors are addressed.

Friends of English RAC of the top class should have already made leaps of joy here, all others who are in the mood for high-quality, melodic RAC and have no problem with foreign language lyrics, should note or test the new Midgård Records production of Whitelaw. For us already now one of the best foreign language RAC records this year. High quality music, well thought out lyrics and technically perfect production. “Echoes from the Past” is from the beginning to the end a brilliant record!

Title list:
01. Mixed up world
02. Long way down
03. Red scum
04. Hail the european victory
05. The great white replacement
06. White whores
07. Made to last
08. That’s life
09. Still number 1
10. We salute you
11. Runaway
12. If i had my way
Bonus *
13. Commentary track
14. these are the days *
15. run run run *
16. finish what we started *
17. Answered your call *

* Bonus songs only on the CD in the limited Blackshirts Edition
** Interview with Benny Whitelaw

Audio sample – Whitelaw – Runaway:

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