Bakers Dozen – Frightener – English Version

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Bakers Dozen – Frightener – English Version
Oldschool Records / Askania Productions | CD + DVD

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That’s how it can happen, if we hadn’t just recently dealt with high-quality Oi! music from the island, we are now going into the next round and this completely unexpectedly or without great expectations. But then, one had to admit oneself again and say: First of all, it comes differently, secondly, as one thinks. Fire in the hole, for the new Bakers Dozen…

The Scotsmen of Bakers Dozen enjoy a justifiably excellent musical reputation, and it is precisely this reputation that the gentlemen underline with their current disc “Frightener”, which we now have in front of us. But this time the Skins did not stop at a simple album. “Frightener” comes as a double pack, besides the new album which contains eight songs, there is also a DVD with the band history of the Scotsmen as a concert documentation. Medially they have decided to go beyond the standard and not only offer something for the auditory canals, but also the eye gets something served this time.

The musical part of this production will be a real pleasure for all friends of the melodic and yet harder Oi! music. Bakers Dozen are musically fit, damn fit and you can hear that with the eight songs on this new album. Thematically, this is on the one hand socially critical and on the other hand the lyrics are of subcultural nature. Both, and, the Scots have been thinking about their lyrics while working on “Frightener”. Nothing seems trivial and blunt here, in a skilful way, the enemy image and problem gets the deserved musical beating. Be it this depraved society, which is criticized here, or just singing about the cult. On “Frightener” there is a working supporting programme. Bakers Dozen sounds fresher and more active than ever, the sound of the new record is powerful and cleanly mixed. The Scots enjoy a well-deserved good reputation among scene connoisseurs, and they live up to this reputation on this disc.

(The Story of Bakers Dozen)

The visual part of this production is done with the DVD containing the aforementioned concert documentary “Still Divided from the Masses (The Story of Bakers Dozen)”. The concert documentary, which runs for over an hour and is based on a song by the Scots, illuminates the band history of Bakers Dozen, but also the time and scene on the island at that time. One gets an exciting and partly entertaining insight into the creative power and different processes of the band. The documentary is accompanied by comments of some scene experts, other musicians and friends and of course supported by live concerts. The whole thing gets another positive effect through the off-commentator and so you won’t even be tempted to interrupt this documentary prematurely. You get a profound insight into the history of the Scottish Oi! band, such documentaries always appeal to me personally. So if you want to know more about Baker’s Dozen, I recommend this documentary. Apart from that there is a trailer and a discography in picture form to examine.

Nice thing, Oldschool Records in cooperation with Askania Productions came up with something. The new album comes in a digi with a glued-in booklet. There you can find the lyrics and some pictures. Optically simple but not cheap, the design is very nice. For some maybe a little bit unspectacular but well, most likely the band wanted it that way and had a background. Soundwise the new album sounds clear and powerful, cleanly mixed. The only point of criticism in the musical part is the number of songs, I would have liked to have a few more songs for a new album. The DVD is well done and you get an exciting and informative insight into the history of Bakers Dozen. So if you are not averse to the well-groomed Oi! music, the new album by Bakers Dozen is recommended. “Frightener” is honest, aggressive and professionally executed, that’s how Oi! must sound. Also the whole package here is a laudable affair, nice thing. Oldschool Records and Askania Productions can be proud of themselves, a successful production!

Title list:
01. Frightener
02. The Offence
03. An Ode to Mediocity
04. A Complaints Been Raised
05. The Lines Have Been Drawn
06. Up With the Lack
07. See it Say it Sorted
08. Razorblade Alliance

Title list DVD:
01. Still Divided from the Masses (The Story of Bakers Dozen)

Audio sample – Bakers Dozen – The Offence:


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