Orgullo Sur – Werwolf – English Version

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Orgullo Sur – Werwolf – English Version
FK Produktion | LP

Hier geht es zur deutschsprachigen Version: Hier Klicken!

Orgullo Sur from faraway Chile is considered an insider tip among friends of South American bald sounds. And rightly so, the Chileans are in good musical shape and know how to heat it up with lively and melodic sounds. So also on the 12″ with the title “Werewolf”.

The “Werwolf” LP offers three exclusive songs, whereby the song “Werwolf (Intolleranza)” is contained once in a Spanish version and once as international version. For the international number, the band has asked for active support and so singer and guitarist Willy shares the microphone with Broschi from Smart Violence from Germany and the singer of the French band Lemovice. The songs are sung in the loading languages. I like it very much. As already written, the skins of Orgullo Sur are quite fast and melodic. Friends of the foreign language RAC sounds should have fun with the material.

Orgullo Sur should be primarily something for those listeners who like to think outside the box and have their feelers out for international pearls, which unfortunately appear far too seldom in our country. Such imports always appeal to me as long as the material is audible. This is definitely the case with “Werewolf”. At FK Produktion, they did not let this production go and came up with something. Because of the excessive length of the songs, they had to switch to 12″. The sound foil is available in two versions, divided into 165 pieces each. The difference between the European and the South American version is the print. The European version has a wolf printed on the blank side and the South American version has a puma printed on the reverse side. The puma represents the people and the nation in Chile and represents them. There is also an inlay and the production was numbered by hand. One point of criticism you have to put up with, the cover has unfortunately become quite dark. That looks nicer on the digital pictures. It’s a pity, but it’s better to discuss this with the printer and get them on board. Otherwise the “Werewolf” LP from FK Produktion is a real treat for the listeners of international RAC music, in this case from far away South America. Such productions and songs provide variety in the otherwise so brute RAC business. Beautiful, melodic right rock from Chile. Muchas gracias.

165x black Vinyl – Werewolf / European Version
165x black vinyl – Puma / South American version

Track list:
Side A
01. Werwolf (Intolleranza) feat. Smart Violence & Lemovice
02. Democracia
03. Werwolf (Intolleranza) Spanish Version

audio sample – Orgullo Sur – Werwolf (Intolleranza) feat. Smart Violence & Lemovice:

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